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Graphic designer; Creative; Branding


I’m Barbara a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer based in Dublin. I’m originally from Italy but I’ve been living in Ireland for a long time.

I specialise in Branding, Visual and Digital design, however, I can really do everything in between.


I own a Pinocchio collection of over 30 pieces and I have a mild obsession for typography and lettering.

Get in touch for a chat or just a cup of coffee.

 Barbara combines fantastic creativity and original thinking with a rigorous interrogation of how visual communication works for a particular project, brand or client. Her extensive experience across different industries and media means that she brings an informed "worldview" to a project. Barbara's innate positivity, can-do, no-nonsense attitude ensures that working with her is always a rewarding experience.

Brian Lynch, Head of Communications & Advocacy at Arthritis Ireland

Barbara brings tremendous creativity to her design work. Her insight into what makes successful packaging, particularly in the beverage alcohol sector, where I worked both directly with her at Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, and as a client of hers at Ornua on the Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur brand.[…] She ensures the best possible outcomes for her clients, she gets involved in and contributes to projects as early as possible by fine-tuning design briefs for example.

Ronan Gillespie, Business Development Coach & Executive Couch

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